Which language is better to start a blog ? English or my native language.

Which language is better to start a blog ? English or my native language.

         Hi friends, here I tell you about language selection of your blog. And also tell you that Which language is better to start a blog ? English or your native language. So read this blog carefully I discuss about language selection and which language can help your blog to grow.

        Blogging is the thing that depends on your passion. You want to start a blog and write about your passion. Then the first question comes to your mind is which language you choose that easily explain your content and readers easily understand it. This types of question come to your mind is a normal thing. Everyone who start a new blog they also do a research about it. if English is not your primary language. Then its necessary that this types of questions comes into your mind.

Which language is better to start a blog?
Which language is better to start a blog ?

So you think that the native language is better or English so here I solve your all doubt.

   There are 7000 + languages all over the world . but you hardly know 2 or 3 languages.Chinese is the most popular language in the world.

Language effects on your blog

       Language is the Main thing of your blog. As we all know that the blogging industry is keep growing. So choose that type of language that the majority of peoples can understand your language and understand your content. If you write a good post then everyone like your work.

    Language can hold a perfect community on your blog. And some of them are to be your regular visitors. That helps your blog more and more.
   The language also effects on your readers your post help reader when your reader understands your language very well.

    The language also effects on your blog's monetization. You want to make money with your blog that everyone wants. So choose a perfect language. Language is important for your ad provider.

  Which language is better to start a blog ? 

     So you want to create a blog and searching that which language is better to start a blog. Then you come to the right place. Your primary language is not English then you can write your blog posts in your native language. but if you know English well then write your blog posts in English.

    1) Why I tell you to write in English because English is the language that popular in the world and the maximum of people know English. So you get a better traffic then any other language. If you write in your native language like Hindi. Then the traffic comes on your blog is from India, Pakistan, Nepal and some other countries. But you choose the English language then the traffic comes from all over the world. Because English is a more popular language than the Hindi language.

    2) after creating your blog you want to earn from your blog. So you will first apply for google adsence. Google adsence is the biggest advertiser in the world. So google adsence check your blog and google adsence give you a approval for the quality blog. And google adsence give approval on some limited languages. If your native language is one of them so you can get approval from adsence and put ads on your blog. So choose a right language with help of it you can get adsence approval. 

     If you do not get approval then you try for other ad networks like media.net and other. Media.net is second number ad network after adsence. Media.net is the network that gives a approval for only English blog. They don't give approval on other languages blog. Because media.net's advertisers are from the USA, UK, and Canada so you have an English blog and get traffic from the USA and UK then it's very simple to get approval from media.net.

    3) the second thing is earning if you write a blog post in your native language then your earning is low than the English language's blog. because English blog's visitors are from the USA, England, and Canada this countries traffic gives you a more CPC so your earning is increasing day by day. And you earn more and more.

     4) the next thing is the competition. Now the competition is very high in blogging. Above I tell you three things that are very good for the English blog but this one is different from them because the competition is very high in English blog. And very difficult to rank your post. But another side competition is low in native languages. So now you start your blog and you want to rank it to Google's first page then its little bit difficult for English language's blog. But you work hard and take your work as a passion then you get success after 2 or 3 months.

      5)  so I tell you that choose language that you batter know and your readers can attract on your blog. If you explain your content in your native language then go for it. If you explain English well then start to write in English. I personally recommended that the English language is best to start a blog but if you not able to write in English then don't worry start in your native language. That can help you too.

Language selection for blog.

    Think about the future of your blog. And select that language that you easily explain to your readers. If you are good to explain your native language so don't wait start to write and don't waste your time. If you know English very well and able to explain your content in English so it will make the bond between you and your reader. So your user comes back again to your blog.

    So guys here I inform you about Which language is better to start a blog ? English or your native language.  so don't worry about language selection select that language which you know very well and start writing. And best of luck for your blogging career. If you have questions related to this then comment below I try my best to give your answer.

    So guys thanks for reading.....
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By Ankit Desai