How internet works in india and who owns the internet?

How internet works in India and who owns the internet?

     Hello everyone, in this article I will try to inform you about How internet works in India and who owns the internet. These days internet is one of the necessary things in our life. Everyone uses the internet. But some of us don't know that how internet works so here i will try to explain you about how internet works and who owns the internet.

Who owns the internet
How the internet works in India 

    You have many questions about internet in your mind. Like does google owns the internet?, internet is owned by which country? I hope after reading this article all your questions will be answered. In 1995 India connected with the internet. And now after jio's launch everyone uses the internet because jio gives internet in affordable price. Jio changed India with cheapest internet plans. Because of this a normal person of India can use internet very easily. Not only India but thousands of peoples use internet in all over the world. Internet is the thing that connect every single person with the world. First of all some of us think that internet works with help of a satellite but its not true because internet works with help of a cable. Now see that how it works and who owns it?

Who owns the internet?

   First of all i tell you that what is internet? Internet is a trap of many servers and networks. Many networks connected together and made a internet. So you want some information from the website and that websites's server is in the USA so with help of internet your computer or phone connected with that server so this is a internet. Internet is free but we give money for internet because internet provider companies invest in cables that provide internet to us.

   So now some companies invest their money into cable laying under the sea. That cables called fiber cables which also known as submarine cables. These cables are laying under the sea these cables are laying from one country to another country as an example the fiber cable is laying between Africa to Europe. So its connect Africa's servers to Europe's servers.

   The companies who invest their money to laying this types of cables called tier 1 companies. If we talk about India then tier 1 company who laying cables under the sea is Tata  Communications. Now the second number is tier 2 companies who have strong networks in particular country like Airtel, idea, jio, etc. Who bought the internet from the tier 1 companies and provide us with help of their towers. After it some local companies provide internet they called tier 3. So you understand that who is the owner of the internet. These types of companies provide the internet with help of each other. The tier 2 companies like Airtel, Vodafone, jio, idea etc. Take money from us and provide internet and tier 2 pay some money to tier 1. So if we have to say that tier 1 is the owner of internet.

How internet works in India?

     Let's know that how the internet works in India. Tier 1 company who laying their cables under the sea who made some fiber cable spot so all the traffic of the country goes through this spot. In India the fiber cable spot is in Mumbai, Cochin, and Chennai. India's 90% traffic goes through Mumbai fiber cable spot.

   After it tier 2 companies who bought the internet from tier 1 companies. Tier 2 companies have towers in all over the country and that towers are connected with a fiber cable. Then every tower has a particular bandwidth like a tower has a 100 Mbps bandwidth then this speed is divided in users of that area. If there are only 5 users then every user get 20 Mbps speed. If your area has more rush and everyone using same network then you get low speed because speed is divided between the users. that's why you get slow internet in the day because there is more traffic in your area and people using more internet. Either you get high-speed internet at night because there are few users using the internet at this is the reason of your slow internet speed.

How jio gives free internet in India 

  You all know that jio is the company that changed the India with internet. Then you have question In your mind that how jio gives free internet in India so let's know about it. Jio is one of the tear 1 company that laying the cables under the sea. Jio layed the submarine cables between asia- Africa and Europe. So jio invested their money once in this submarine cables. Now if you will use jio's network and search for website who's server is in eutope so jio will pass your traffic from their own fiber cables. So now the jio will not have to pay money to the tear 1 company. That's why jio gives us a free internet because they invested their money in fiber cables once.

How internet in india
Who owns the inernet?

     Now I tell you about the internet in less words.the internet is connected with one country to another country with these fiber cables. The Internet is free but the cost of internet is to laying fiber cables and service them. tier 1 companies laying these fiber cables and tier 2 companies bought the internet from tier 1 companies and provide the internet to our Home. We pay for the internet to tier 2 companies and tier 2 companies pay to tier 1 companies. 

     So here we discussed about how internet works in India and who owns the internet? I hope after reading this article you will find all the answers of your questions and your all doubt will be cleared.

    I hope you understand about How internet workthe s in India who owns the internet? If you have any questions related to this feel free to comment below I will try my best to answer your question.

I hope you find this article very helpful.

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By Ankit Desai


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