How to earn money online?

How to earn money online?

      Hi friends, here I tell you about How to earn money online? And discuss about the money making methods. I inform you about methods that not required any investment. So read this article carefully. Everyone wants to earn money online. But don't know that how to make money online.

Earn money online?
Make money online

   There are many ways to make money. But earn money online is different from them. Online money making is the way that you can earn money by sitting at home. Many people earn lots of money online. But we all have one question that how we can do it? So here I solve your all doubt.

    When you search for How to earn money online? Many people give their suggestions but some of them are fraud and inform you about the wrong methods and wrong ways. here I tell you about a genuine way to earn money online. These ways are used by lots of people and they earn a good amount of money from there. So read this article to the end.

1) Blogging

     The first and best way to make money online is blogging. Blogging is the thing that depends on your passion. If you love the writing and you have a passion to write that this is best for you. Like if your interest in fitness and you know all about fitness. Then write about it and start a blog on fitness.

    So you think that how to start a blog and how you can earn? The blog is one type of website that provides you an information. There are many platforms to create a blog but blogger and WordPress are famous from them. Many people start their first blog on blogger because its free. If you have not much money then start your free blog on blogger. Here WordPress is a little bit costly than blogger here you have to pay for hosting. Blogger gives you a free hosting. I personally recommended you to start your first blog on

    After creating your blog you have to post a information that people wants to know. After it, some people will come to your blog for reading that information. Then you can apply for a Google AdSense account. Google Adsense is the advertise providing company. After getting approval from google adsense you can able to add advertisements on your blog. Now you can earn money from that advertisements.

   Without google adsence you are also able to add other companies advertisements like and many more. is a big advertising provider company after google adsence. Here you also earn from affiliate marketing. Continue reading the post I will tell you about affiliate marketing.

2) Youtube 

   The second way to make money online is youtube. You saw videos on youtube but you don't know that you can make money from there. Youtube is the one of the biggest video uploading platform. Here you find many kinds of videos. You can saw the videos and also saw an advertisement in it.

   There are many channels on youtube and they regularly uploads videos. And they earn from it. So how they earn? They earns from advertisements. They show a google adsence ads in their videos. And they earn from google adsence.

  So how you can do this? first of all you have to create a channel like a comedy channel, tech channel and other many categories. Open channel on your interest. If your interest is in gadgets and smartphone then open tech channel after it when your channel completed youtube partner program policy's you can able to apply for AdSense account. After getting google adsence approval google adsence shows ads on your video. There are many types of ads and mostly the ads are related to your content. So here you can make money with google adsence.

    Here you also able to make money with sponsorship and paid promotion. When your youtube channel is famous then some companies give their products to you and tell you to promote their product and gives you money for promotion. So its better to make money with advertisement and paid promotions. You can also earns from affiliate marketing here. So next I tell you about affiliate marketing. So this is the way where you can earn and become famous personalitie like Logan Paul and pewdie pie.

     These two ways can solve your question about how to earn money online? Another method to make money online is affiliate marketing.

3) Affiliate marketing

      So guys, next method is affiliate marketing. Pro bloggers and many YouTubers use affiliate marketing as an earning source. And they made lots of money from it. Affiliate marketing is the best way to earn money online. And it works.

    You think that what is an affiliate marketing? And how it works? Affiliate marketing is the money making tree. E-commerce companies like Amazon and Flipkart have a famous affiliate programme. 

    Amazon is the best platform for affiliate marketing. Here companies give a link to their products and you have to put that link on your blog, website,youtube, and many other places. If you put this link on your blog. Then someone comes to your blog and click on this link and buy that product then the company gives you some commission for selling that product.

     For example, you have a blog related to smartphone and here you past affiliate link of the smartphone. if Your reader interested to buy that smartphone and he buy it from your link then you get commision from the company for selling that smartphone.

Blog, youtube, affiliate marketing
Earn money online

  In this article, I inform you about how to earn money online? And tell you about money making methods. These all methods that I tell you have not required any investment. You can start these without any investment. If you have any question related to this comment below I will try my best to answer your questions.

Thanks for reading.

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By Ankit Desai



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