Top 10 best upcoming smartphone october 2018 in India

Top 10 best upcoming smartphone October 2018 in India :-  Hi friends, welcome to our new and fresh article. Here I going to talk about the best upcoming smartphones in October 2018 in India. If you are searching on google for buying a new smartphone then you are at right place.

Top 10 best upcoming smartphone October 2018 in India
Upcoming smartphone in india

   So everyone one wants to buy a new smartphone with good features. So if you want to buy a smartphone in October 2018 then here I will inform you about the Top 10 best upcoming smartphone October 2018 in India. So it can help you choose the best smartphone and wait for the upcoming phone.

    The smartphone brands launch a new phone every day.  So you are confused that which phone is best to buy. But if you have some patience then you can wait for the best upcoming smartphone. On this day some brands are ready to launch their new smartphones and they will shocked you with great specifications.

  So if you want to buy a phone then you first search on google and you will search for phones that come in your budget. But you don't know that some upcoming smartphones are fit in your budget with great price and specification. So let's start and I inform you about the Top 10 best upcoming smartphone October 2018 in India.

upcoming smartphones in October 2018 

1)  Nokia 7.1 and Nokia 7.1 plus

   First in the upcoming smartphone list is Nokia 7.1 and Nokia 7.1plus.  These two smartphones are launching on 4th October 2018.

  Nokia was launched many good devices like Nokia 6.1 and Nokia 5.1 now they are ready to launch the Nokia 7.1 and Nokia 7.1 plus. One of this smartphone comes with notch display and another comes without notch.

  Another best feature is these phones come with Snapdragon 710 processor and also have a 4gb, 6gb ram variant

  This phone is the successor of Nokia 6.1. So, guys, these phones are awesome in look and good features. But the main thing is the price. If Nokia launch this phone in the good price range then it's awesome Nokia will again beat everyone

2) Google pixel and pixel xl

 Next in our list is google pixel and pixel xl. this phone is launching on 9th October 2018.

  These phones are known for their camera. Without it comes with Snapdragon 845 processor and 4gb and 6gb ram variant. maybe it will not comes with dual camera. And it has 3300 to 3500 mAh battery backup.

3) Samsung A9.

   Next upcoming phone is Samsung A9.this will launch on 11th October 2018.

 We have no more details about this phone but the main thing and main feature of this phone is it has four cameras. Yes, this phone comes with four cameras.

   Recently Samsung launches the Samsung  A7 phone with 3 cameras so now they will launch another phone with four cameras.

4) oneplus 6T 

   Next upcoming smartphone that people are waiting for is oneplus 6T. This phone will launch on 17th October 2018.

   This is the smartphone that most people are waiting for. We all know that oneplus 6T is the successor of oneplus 6.

   So now talk about the features of this phone. It comes with dual camera. 6gb, 8gb ram variant and also with a water drop notch. But wait the main thing of this phone is in display fingerprint scanner. And Snapdragon 845 processor. So let's talk about price. The price of this phone is 35k to 40k.

5) mi 8 lite

    Mi 8 lite is the upcoming smartphone from time. This mobile's launch is confirmed but the launch date is yet not confirmed.

  This phone comes with Snapdragon 660 processor. 4gb,6gb ram variant. With dual camera and 3350 mAh battery. Also, have a notch display.

6) Honor 8x 

    Next in our list is Honor 8x. This phone may be launch on 16th October 2018.

   Now talk about the best features of this phone.  This phone will come with a great IPS display.  4gb,6gb ram has brand new kirin 710 processor. And a dual camera with notch display.

7) Lenovo z5 pro 

     Lenovo z5 pro is another flagship phone that going to launch on October 2018.

    This phone comes with a full HD AMOLED full-screen display. It has in display fingerprint scanner and the best thing of this phone is a popup camera like vivo nex. This is another flagship phone with popup camera.

8) Lg v40 thinQ

     Another smartphone is going to launch on October 2018 is Lg v40 thinQ. 

   This is another flagship phone from LG. This phone comes with five cameras. Three cameras on the back side and two cameras on the front side.

9) Honor 8x max.

    Another phone in our list from honor is Honor 8x max. This may be launch in India on October 2018.

    This phone comes with a full HD display. Snapdragon 636 processor. 4gb,6gb ram variant with dual camera and notch display.

10) mi max 3 

    This phone is also going to launch in India in October 2018.

    This phone comes with dual camera, 5500 mAh battery, Snapdragon 636 processor and full HD display.

     Here I informed you about some brands upcoming smartphone if you want to buy a smartphone this month then these are a better option for you. If your budget is under 20k then realme 2 pro is one of the best option for you. You can buy this on Flipkart fresh sell on 11th October.

October 2018
Upcoming smartphones in 2018

    So guys here I informed you about Top 10 best upcoming smartphone October 2018 in India. I hope you can understand about upcoming smartphones. If you have some patience then you can wait for this smartphone and go for them.

   I hope you like this article Top 10 best upcoming smartphone October 2018 in India. And understand about the upcoming smartphone if you any questions related to this post fill free to comment below I try my best to answer your question.

Thanks for reading.

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By Ankit Desai.



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