top 10 must have android apps for a blogger

top 10 must have android apps for a blogger

     Hi everyone, let's talk about top 10 must have android apps for blogger so you can easily manage your blog with your smartphone. If you are a blogger or a writer then this article is very helpful for you.You have many questions like the best blogging app for Android? And best blogging apps? So this article gives answers of your all questions.

     Some of us have a passion for blogging or writing. But not everyone has a PC or laptop. I am also doing blogging with my smartphone. I don't have any PC or laptop so you can also able to do blogging with your smartphone its little bit difficult but it will help you.

       Blogging is all about passion. Nobody stops you to follow your passion if you have a great passion about blogging then you can also able to do blogging with your phone.

   So I will tell you about some apps that are useful for you and it's making blogging awesome and easy.  So let's talk about top 10 must have android apps for a blogger.

 Top 10 Android apps for bloggers.

1) Blogger

     Blogger is the first app in our list that makes blogging simple from your phone. You can easily write an article and edit it from your android phone.

Top 10 must have android apps for bloggers
Blogger app
     You can write articles from your phone and also able to add images in it. You can easily add links from this app to your blogger blog post.

      If you are using blogger blog then this app is helpful for you. You can easily write a blog post from your Android phone and without delay, you can publish it from here.

Install from here - blogger

  2) WordPress

      WordPress is the second app in our list. This app is for WordPress users. It gives more functions than blogger app and it's very easy to use.
Apps for blogger
Wordpress app

       If your blog is on WordPress then you can check your blog's analytics from this app. You can edit and write a post from this app. You also able to see that your readers come from which country.

    You can also able to add some images to your post with this app. So this is the most useful app for WordPress users.

Install from here - WordPress

  3) pixel lab

       The next must-have Android app is pixel lab. This is the best app for every blogger and YouTuber.With help of this app, you can edit your images and create some images for thumbnail and for your post.
Top 10 must have apps for bloggers
Pixel lab
       This app gives more functions and these all functions are very attractive. You can create a photo with this app and also add some 3d writing in it. You can also create a logo for your blog or website with this app.

        With the help of this app you able to create some images and edit them. So this is also a useful app that you must have. You can download it from the play store.

Install from here - pixel lab

    4) Adsense

      In the next app in our list of top 10 must have android apps for a blogger. If you are using Google AdSense on your blog or YouTube channel, then this app will definitely help you see your earnings and much more about it.
Top 10 must have apps for bloggrs
Google adsence
     You can easily check your earnings and monthly earnings with this app. This app shows your CPC and estimated earnings. It also shows impressions on your blog and YouTube channel

      So this is another useful app for bloggers. It's very useful app.

Install from here - adsence

     5) Grammar keyboard.

        This is a keyboard app and it's on number five in our list. If you are writing your content in English and you have many grammar mistakes it will help you.
Top 10 must have android apps for a blogger

       With the help of this app, you can easily write your very useful app without any mistake. It automatically corrects your grammar mistakes and also improves spelling mistakes.

      So it will help you write mistake free This app is available on the Play Store.

Install from here - Grammarly keyboard

   6) Google Analytics

     With this app, this app is on our list number 6, you can monitor the traffic of your blog or website.
Top 10 must have android apps for blogger
Google analytics

     This app helps you to show visitors to your blog. It also shows which visitors come from. This gives you more information about your blog like Bounce Rate, Live Visitor on Your Site You can get more information from here.

   So this is another helpful app for bloggers. With this app, you can see the activity of your blog.

 Install it from here - google analytics

    7) Social pilot

       This is a social media app that is useful for managing your social media accounts. You can manage all your social media accounts with this app. This app provides you with a platform where you can post in all social media accounts simultaneously.
Top 10 must have android app for bloggers
Social pilot

      This app saves you time if you use it so you can post to all social media accounts with a single tap. So this is also a useful app.

    If you are wasting your time on social media to create a post here, then you just create a post and share it on all your social media handles.

Install it from here - social pilot

8)  writer

    The writer is coming to 8th number in our list. This app is useful for writing articles. If you use the Blogger platform for blogging, it is very useful for you.

Top 10 must have apps

   Writing an article in Blogger is a bit difficult, so with this help of this app, you can write a good article with the appropriate title tag.

   So this app is useful for writing a beautiful article.

Install it from here - writer

9) Google keep

        Another Google app is in our list of top 10 must have android apps for a blogger This app is Google, it helps us remind our previous topics for articles.

Top 10 must have apps for bloggers
Google keep

      If you are traveling and suddenly an idea related to your blog post comes to your mind, then with that help you can note it.

    So this is a wonderful app that reminds you of your thoughts.

Install from here - Google keep


      This app is at number 10 on our list. This is a dictionary app. You can find a meaning of the unknown word. You can easily get the meaning of an unknown app with one click.

Top 10 must have apps for blogger
Top 10 apps for a blogger is an awesome app that finds the meaning of all unknown words.

Install it from here -

    I gave you all the information about top 10 must have android apps for a blogger. I hope you will like it. If you have any app that is useful for blogger then comment and let us know.

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