why apple products are so expensive?

   why apple products are so expensive? This is the question that comes in your mind any time.Apple's products are very expensive.We all know that but we don't know the reason behind it.So you want to know why Apple products are so expensive? then read this article till the end.

Why apple products are so expensive?
Why apple products are so expensive?

   There are many things that effect on products price like advertising, research, the reputation of the company and many more.Now Apple is not just a tech brand that makes only phones but apple enters in many businesses.Now in these days people think that it's an apple product then it is the best than other product. Apple is a luxury brand.

    Everyone who have iPhone or any other Apple they think that they are living a luxurious life Because apple stands on a different position than other companies. Apple has his own rules like they never show us a budget phone. Apple phones always come with a high price range. This builds a reputation of the company.  Reputation is the main factor for any brand.

    This type of reputation apple makes with a big strategy And this strategy is that never entered in mid-range or lower-range of any product. As an example other brands launch their phones in three tiers. Higher budget, mid-range, and lower-range. But Apple is the only brand that launches only in a higher budget phone.thats make a different and good impression on people. So people are ready to pay a good amount of money on any apple products. Let's know the reasons that made the apple products so expensive.

Why apple products are so expensive?

   1) Apple product's quality.

         Apple never sacrifice with quality of any apple product. This is the one reason that makes apple product expensive. Apple products always look like very premium. If you look at any apple product they are very premiums in looks And this is the one reason that people buy a apple product.

     The component of the Apple product is awesome in quality and performance. The components of the apple product gave a awesome experience than other products.

    2) Apple software.

      Another factor that affects the price of Apple products and that is software. When you talking about an android phone then the Android phone gets the free software from Google and they get it at very low cost. But here apple makes its software itself. Like iOS and macos.

        And making such software is very expensive. So this is a reason that makes apple product expensive.

     3) Research and Development

        The third reason in our list is research and development. Each brand spends its money on research and development. But compared to other brands apple spends more money on research and development. Because of it we get new innovations in Apple products.

           No doubt that Apple gets more profit from its product compare to other brands. But one major reason behind the high pricing of Apple product is research and development.

     4) marketing 

          Marketing is the thing that every brand focus on it. So how do Apple stay behind in? Apple spends more money on Apple products marketing. Apple has big apple stores in big cities and workshop and many more. Apple spends lots of money on its marketing.

Why apple products are so expensive?
Apple product

     So many reasons that effect on Apple product's cost. And yes you are giving more money for the apple logo. I hope you understand why Apple products are so expensive? 

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