About us

About us 

 Hi everyone welcome to our website adscienceandtech.com if you want to keep updated about blogging, make money, technology and science etc. then you are at right website.

Here you can get best science and technology tutorials

Keep visiting our website and keep receiving updates as new posted. Every day, new post will posted on topics related to science and technology, tech news, make money, tips and tricks etc.

adscienceandtech.com in this website I give you everything that you need about blogging, technology and new tips and tricks, make money etc. Comment below that what you want I try my best to post it on this website.

About my self

Name:- Ankit Desai

Email Id:- adscienceandtech@gmail.com

My name is Ankit Desai. I am currently studying in b.sc. I make this website for those people who want to get knowledge about blogging, make money, tips and tricks, science, technology etc. keep connected with us and daily check our website for latest updates.